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Table Top  Models

Boxer 42

Worldwide the most popular Boxer table-top model

Technical Spesification


Chamber dimension ( L x W x H ) 

Machine dimension ( L x W x H ) 

Seal bar ( L )

Pump capacity

Machine cycle 








370 x 420 x 180 mm 

528 x 493 x 440 mm 

420 mm

21 m³/h

15 - 35 sec 


Technical Spesification

Benefit of A Boxer 42

Enjoy the benefit of Boxer 42

Basic vacuum packaging machine for the food packaging of products with all shapes and dimensions. Available as a basic table-top model and as a full option vacuum packaging machine.

Standard with 10  program memory 

Standard  Double Seal

Standard Time Control


Standard Soft Air

Free options : Cut-off and Wide Seal

Standard Time Control


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